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EW domination
September 14th, 2017 - 01:49 EST
Domination War   ( subject to change as we further develop the game )
1)      Player can join to occupy cities
2)      City can only be occupied during guild war. Counties and province can be occupied by individuals at any time
3)      A player may occupy up to 5 cities
4)      City occupation gives points and drachma. Medals can be spent on domination shop
5)      Generals occupying one county or province, can not be used to occupy another county or province
6)      Days rewards are given at 00.00 server time. Event will reset
Guild wars.
1)      Only guild leader and deputy can declare war on cities.
2)      Players need to donate siege orders to guild. When required siege orders quantity is reached, war can be declared.
3)      After enrolment stage, guild with most consumed siege orders, gets first attack
4)      War can be declared on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Preparation is 21.00 server time Wednesday and Saturday. Occupation starts 21.10
5)      Winners and losers will collect rewards

Green is the provinces and counties that a player occupies, Red are occupied by other players. Remember that each city occupied by yourself, uses 5 generals, those 5 generals can not be used to occupy another city.
Rank is your over all rank for the day.
Shop is for the domination shop.
Battle log is a log of battles for the day

With your Domination points, this is the total points you have gained, the points reset at 00.00 server time.
There is the TWO chests that can be collected. The Current chest with the white claim label and the ranking today chest. remember to collect them both.

With your medals you can buy treasures. Now there is some confusion over what to do with treasures. You need to check each treasure carefully as some can only be used by some generals where as others are not restricted.

Treasures can only be used by a 2nd awakened general ( level 40 ) and in the general tab, the treasure tab will appear, it is blank for most players at the moment.





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